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Buy wood pellets online in bulk from South Africa.

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Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets for sale suitable for use as fuel in Biomass Boilers. These pellets are light in colour and super absorbent so can also be used for high quality horse bedding & cat litter. Traeger wood pellet grills, wood pellet grills for sale. wood pellet grills for sale near me, wood pellet plant for sale.

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Wood pellets are small, typically 6mm in diameter and no more than 15mm long. They are made from processed sawdust and wood chips that have been dried, heated and compressed. When heated and exposed to high pressure, lignin, the binding component in wood, softens and allows the wood product to be shaped and pressed into a pellet. how long does a bag of wood pellets last in a traeger grill, how much wood pellets for traeger grill. where to buy traeger wood pellets.

Pellet burning boilers can offer the similar level of control as oil and gas appliances, making them an attractive choice for many. This is because unlike logs, wood pellets, and therefore heat generated can be switched on and off quickly. An intelligent pellet transfer system carries the fuel to the combustion chamber from the fuel storage area as heat is required. A sensor regulates a measured air supply, ignition is achieved automatically and the heating output adjusts continuously to the heating needs. Pellet burning appliances can heat a single room. a whole house or commercial applications.

Sustainable BSL Authorised ENplus A1 standard

Grupe Africa offer a full wholesale and bulk supply to retailers, farm shops and ecommerce partners up and down the EU and Worldwide. We only supply quality, value for money products with a consitent supply that we have worked with for many years.
We supply our Wood Pellets with a price range of 80 Euros – 150 Euros C.I.F.
Our prices depends on the wood type, quantity and also depends on your location .
Our pellets are flammable, pure and compact. The pellets can be use for heating, cooking, and generating electricity, etc. The pellets are also granular, slick, well-stored, efficient as well as
environmentally friendly, and our prices are favorable.We are offering 6mm and 8mm Wood pellets DIN EN PLUS packed in 15kg plastic bags, big bags or bulk. Volume up to 3000t per month. We can offer the pellets delivered to your place or near port anywhere in
Europe or Middle East. Bases:Pine,Beech,Fir,Spruce Oak, Hard coniferous.

Excellent Wood Pellet Standard

  • Ash amount:  0.7% max
  • Moisture: 10% max
  • Diameter: 6 mm-8mm
  • Length: 10mm-50mm
  • Made from pure wood , no bark
  • Bright, uniform surface color
  • No horizontal or vertical cracks
  • Density: 650kg/m3 min
  • calorific value: 4100 to 4500 kcal/kg
  • Uniform size: quality in production
  • Clear in water cup test
  • Non Toxic Fumes
  • Zero Additive
  • Package: 15KG/PP woven bag or 20KG/PP woven bag or as per customers
  • choice with desired logo.
  • 80% pine – 20% beech (white) pellets
  • Diameter: 6 mm
  • Lenght: < 30 mm
  • Humidity: < 10%
  • Calorific value: 4300 +/- 0,05 Kcal/kg
  • Sulfur: < 0,03%
  • Ash content: < 0,7%
  • Additives: < 2%

Pine wood pellets 6mm
4-40mm lenght,
moisture <10%,
Ash content 1% -1.5%,
Lower heat Value 4150 Kcal / kg,
higher heat value 4800 Kacal / kg

We can transport from Ukraine , Turkey , Bulgaria , USA , Belarus ,Hungary and sometimes Serbia to your destinations with Trucks .
Minimum Order Two Trucks .
Recommended by all leading EU installers and major boiler manufacturers.


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