Plastic Sterile Syringes with Blunt Tip Needles and Caps

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20PCS Sterile Syringes Hypodermic Luer Slip Syringe Set 1ml 3ml 5ml 10ml 20ml

Our syringes are constructed from inert thermoplastic latex and PVC free material to avoid medication contamination and reduce the risk of allergic reactions. A transparent barrel ensures the easy identification of hazardous air bubbles and turbid medication. Origin Plastic Sterile Syringes: Turkey.

    • Highly visible ml scale markings for accurate medication delivery
    • Double-contact gasket ensures an airtight seal for smooth and accurate use
    • Single use only. Needles not included
Original CE marked & FDA Certifications products
EO Luer Slip syringes, individually sealed
CE marked, Sterile
Latex Free, Non pyrogenic
Brand new in original packaging

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Plastic Sterile Syringes with Blunt Tip Needles and Caps

Plastic Sterile Syringes with Blunt Tip Needles and Caps. Each syringe is sterilised by an industry standard electron beam, and are individually wrapped in tamper-proof blister packs.

20 PackSyringe with Blunt Tip Needles and Caps

This Plastic Sterile Syringes suit is great for measuring and refilling e liquids, e-cig juice oil mix, also great for flat back rhinestones, hobby crafts, food syringe injector, home or industrial precison applications of clear CA glues, inks, lubricants, sealants etc.

  • Reasonable price of high-quality components of all sizes.
  • Suitable for refilling and measuring E-liquids, E-cigs, E-juice
  • Great for essential oil, science lab, flat back rhinestones, hobby crafts, home or industrial precison applications of CA glues, inks, perfume, lubricants, sealants etc.
  • For industrial use, cannot be used for injection or food

Super-value set of 15 Plastic Sterile Syringes with Blunt Tip Needles and Caps in 5 sizes.

Capacity: 20ml, 10ml, 5ml, 3ml, 1ml
Syringe Color: Clear White, with scale, made from high quality white plastic.
Blunt Tip Needle Specifications: 14ga(dark green), 16ga(light green), 20ga(pink)
Cap Color: Black. Can be used on syringes in each specifications.

Package Including:
5 PCS – 1cc syringe, 0.01 graduation
05 PCS – 3cc syringe, 0.1 graduation
5 PCS – 5cc syringe, 0.2 graduation
3 PCS – 10cc syringe, 0.5 graduation
2 PCS – 20cc syringe, 1.0 graduation
5 PCS – 14ga 1.5 inch needle
05 PCS – 18ga 1.5 inch needle
5 PCS – 21ga 1.0 inch needle
3 PCS – 23ga 0.5 inch needle
2 PCS – 25ga 0.5 inch needle
20 PCS – luer lock seal caps

3x1ml Syringes
3x3ml Syringes
3x5ml Syringes
3x10ml Syringes
3x20ml Syringes
4x14ga Blunt Tip Needles
7x18ga Blunt Tip Needles
4x20ga Blunt Tip Needles

All Plastic Sterile Syringes are irreplaceable when measuring or 
dosing any type of fluids with accuracy and precision
Sterile, CE marked, meeting all UE requirements and strict quality controls
Luer Slip Medical Syringes & Tubes
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