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Grupe Africa ® is a leading EU and African countries producer/cultivator, maker and trading of an extraordinary assortment of items with over 23 years of involvement with the agribusiness and development field and 15 years in the commodity of different mature items specifically new leafy foods, fish, candy store, wood, paper and mash items among a wide scope of different items to numerous worldwide markets worldwide

Our items are confirmed and we additionally have an exceptionally experienced labor force in the pressing and repacking of items utilized in our pressing stations.

About us Grupe Africa® Group has been able to occupy the pioneer position in offering our clients products of the best quality with competitive prices.

About Us – Our business – large clients (industrial & resellers)

As well as Trading and wholesales business, Grupe Africa ® supplies additionally huge modern clients and affiliates, both with Agricultural products like nuts, seeds, grains, vegetable, fruits etc, and Plastics recycling is our priorities so we also trade and supply plastics waste.

Grupe Africa ® customers have the chance to purchase products in bulk with an immediate association with the most important and progressed worldwide business sectors; bringing about extremely serious costs and significant degrees of effectiveness.

Affiliates can get to Grupe Africa ® supply through an inventive advanced stage (Global Food | Smart Supply), a business-to-business food chain web based business, where Clients can purchase agro-products effectively by choosing from a wide scope of equations (fixed or distinctive list connected costs).