Pure Musk 87% – Wild Black DEER MUSK Powder

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Pure Musk 87% Wild Black DEER MUSK Powder

Pure Musk 87% Wild Black DEER MUSK Powder is used in perfumery and medicine. 100% guarantee real musk deer.

In the belly of the male musk deer musk glands is filled with a thick, sharp-smelling secret brown-brown color. Musk deer musk is a secret musk gland.
One adult male gland normally contains 10-20 g (sometimes 30-50 grams) of natural musk – a thick gelatinous substance with a sharp specific smell – the most expensive animal products. When drying the smell almost disappears, but reappears when wet.
The chemical composition is quite complex musk: fatty acid, wax, aromatic and steroidal compounds, cholesterol esters. The main carrier of the musk odor – macrocyclic ketone muscone.

We are very proud of the products we supply for we are certain that they are of extreme good quality. We also welcome bulk buyers as we intend to keep a long term business relationship.

Wholesale Price food Raw Materials Musk ketone 99% Bulk Musk Flavor Powder

The musk deer belongs to the family Moschidae and lives in Tibet, IndiaNepalPakistanAfghanistanChinaSiberiaMongoliaManchuriaKorea and North Vietnam. The musk pod, a preputial gland in a pouch, or sac, under the skin of the abdomen of the male musk deer, is normally obtained by killing the male deer through traps laid in the wild. Upon drying, the reddish-brown paste inside the musk pod turns into a black granular material called “musk grain”, which is then tinctured with alcohol. The aroma of the tincture gives a pleasant odor only after it is considerably diluted. No other natural substance has such a complex aroma associated with so many contradictory descriptions; however, it is usually described abstractly as animalistic, earthy and woody or something akin to the odor of baby’s skin.

Product Name
Wholesale Price food Raw Materials Musk ketone 99% Bulk Musk Flavor Powder
White Powder
musk Flavor,pure musk Flavor,pure musk Flavor powder
Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life
24 Months


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