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 Sisal Fiber for Sale

Wholesale Sisal fiber is derived from an agave, Agave sisalana. It is valued for cordage because of its strength, durability, ability to stretch, affinity for certain dyestuffs. Moreover, like coir, it is resistant to deterioration in saltwater. The higher-grade fiber is converted into yarns for the carpet industry. Sisal is now also used as a reinforcement in polymer-matrix composites.

Sisal Fiber for Sale - Grupe Africa Best wholesale suppliers in Africa

Fibre Extraction

Fibre is extracted by a process known as decortication, where leaves are crushed, beaten, and brushed away by a rotating wheel set with blunt knives, so that only fibres remain. Alternatively, in East Africa, where production is typically on large estates, the leaves are transported to a central decortication plant, where water is used to wash away the waste parts of the leaves.

The fibre is then dried, brushed, and baled for export. Proper drying is important, as fibre quality depends largely on moisture content. Artificial drying has been found to result in generally better grades of fibre than sun drying. Nevertheless, not always feasible in the less industrialised countries where sisal is produced. In the drier climate of north-east Brazil, sisal is mainly grown by smallholders and the fibre is extracted by teams using portable raspadors, which do not use water.

Fibre is subsequently cleaned by brushing. Dry fibres are machine combed and sorted into various grades, largely on the basis of the previous in-field separation of leaves into size groups.

Specifications 100% Sisal Natural Fiber:

High quality Sisal Fiber wholesale suppliers online.  We have direct contact with suppliers of sisal fiber from Kenya. Our sisal fiber is tough and wearable, bright and fine colors, little moisture, and high degree of purity. Suitable for making kinds of sisal rugs,sisal cloth,sisal buff, sisal paper wall, sisal sun-cap, sisal handicrafts, sisal laundry products, sisal door-mats etc.

We produce the following grade of sisal fiber.

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3L
  • Grade 3(3s)
  • Grade UG(UG Special)

sisal fibre price per kg - Sisal fibre in bales exporters from Brazil

Natural Sisal Fiber for Rope ,Sisal Twine, Sisal Fibre

Sisal Fibers Known as the raw material for sacks the world over, sisal is truly one of the most versatile fibers gifted to man by nature that finds various uses in the form of handicrafts. Next to cotton.

Natural Sisal Fiber Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Type:Natural Sisal Fiber Type 1, 2, 3 and 4
Form:Container 20” (12MT) our 40″  (28MT)
Natural size of the fiber: Between 90cm to 1.20cm

sisal fiber: Grade A

Length: 110cm-130cm
Moisture: 10%-13%.
Impurity: 0-2% max
Color: cream white cream, Brown.

We take pride in the quality of our fiber and we are ready to assist you and offer the best price and quality.
we accept short and long term contracts.

Packaging & Shipping

Grade of Quality
90cm (3 feet) upwards
60cm (2 feet) upwards
60cm (2 feet) upwards
Impurity Rate
≤3 %
≤5 %
≤12 %
Moisture Content
12 ~ 13.5 %
12~ 13.5 %
12 ~ 13.5 %
Whitish & Yellowish
 Whitish & Yellowish
 Yellowish & Brownish
100 kgs /bale
100kgs /bale
100 kgs/bale
Loading Q.ty.  (20ft)
10 MT
10 MT
8.5 MT
Loading Q.ty. (40hc)
23 MT
23 MT
20 MT


Export  Quality UG and SSUG Natural sisal fiber / sisal fibre


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