Whole Green Cardamom Pods | Cardamon Seeds Dried Premium Quality

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Product: Cardamom Pods, Green

Latin Name: Elettaria cardamomum

Plant Family: Zingiberaceae

Other Names: Green Cardamom, Small Cardamom, True Cardamom, Cardamomo, Cardamome, Kardamom, Karde-mumma, Hale, Habahaan, Cardamamus, Cardamone & Choti Elaichi


Whole Green Cardamom Pods

Whole Green Cardamom Pods, sometimes cardamum, is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the genera Elettaria and Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae.

Product: Whole Cardamon Pods
Product Description: The whole dried pods of the plant Elettaria cardamonum
Ingredient Declaration: Cardamom Pods
Flavour and Odour: Characteristic of Cardamom, string and aromatic –Slight Eucalyptus aroma
Appearance: A long green capsules like pods
Particle Size: 5.2mm –20mm
Extraneous Matter: %<2
Foreign Matter: %<2
Metal Detection (minimum): Passed through magnets
Moisture: %<12
Volatile Oil: %3 min
Pesticides & Heavy Metals: Meets EU regulations
Energy kcals: 311
Energy kJ1: 303
Protein (g): 10.76
Fat (g): 6.7
of which Saturates (g): 0.68
Carbohydrate (g): 68.47
Fibre (g): 28
Sodium (mg): 18
Salt (g): 0.045
E Coli /g: <100
Salmonella /25g: Negative in 25g
Shelf Life: Typical shelf life is 2 years.
Storage: Store in cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight.
Labelling: Product name, Weight. Batch/lot code. Best before date. Allergen information as applicable
Packing: 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg, 1kg, 500g, 200g, 100g, 50g
Price: $12.95 USD per KG

Minimum order: 500Kg

Description: Cardamom is an aromatic, tropical, evergreen perennial herb, native to southern India and Sri Lanka that grows to a height of 2–5 metres. The leaves are alternate, linear-lanceolate, dark green on the upper surface, paler glaucous green on the underside and are 40–60cm in length with a pointed tip. The flowering stems are horizontal and creeping and produce 2-lipped flowers alternately along the stem which are yellowish-white to pale violet in colour with magenta markings on the upper petal. The ovoid, triangular fruits are yellowish-green in colour and 1–2cm in length, and contain 12-15 small black seeds. Whole Green Cardamom Pods.


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