Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm

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Class A1 Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm DIN+ plus & ENplus A1/A2 ( BSL Approved Wood Pellets ). Premium A1 Wood Pellets 6mm ( Din Plus / EN Plus Wood Pellets ) Quality Assurance.

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Premium Pine Wood Pellets for Sale

Class A1 Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm DIN+ plus & ENplus A1/A2 ( BSL Approved Wood Pellets In 15kg bags ). Wood pellets are the highest quality type of granulated fuel.

The granule formation process takes place under a pressure of about 300 bar, without any additives or adhesives. The calorific value of wood pellets is about 5 kW/h (4300 kcal/h), which is comparable to coal.


  • Exclusive environmentally friendly fuel;
  • Affordable price;
  • Unlimited shelf life;
  • High calorific value (16.5 MJ/kg and above);
  • High density (about 1200-1600 kg/m³);
  • Low humidity (7-10%);
  • Minimum ash content (0.5% for premium varieties and up to 1.5% for standard varieties);
  • High calorie;
  • burning time;
  • A small amount of pellets is required to run the boiler during the day and heat the apartment building;
  • The boiler on pellets does not need special care and cleaning;
  • Automation of storage, transportation and feeding processes in the furnace;
  • High efficiency of use;
  • When switching to a new type of fuel, the previously used boiler does not require replacement or reconfiguration;
  • Transportation of pellets does not require specialized transport. Pellets are easy to store. Convenient packaging allows you to calculate the volume of transportation and consumption of pellets;
  • Pellets are odorless and they are not biologically active, as they have been heat-treated.


  • In boilers and fireplaces for heating private houses, offices, commercial premises;
  • boilers housing and communal services;
  • In combined heat and power generation systems for heat and power generation;
  • Cat litter.


  • Pellets are supplied in plastic bags of 15 kg or in big bags – 1 ton.
  • If the pellets are stored in sealed plastic bags, their quality does not decrease, they can be stored for as long as you like.
Product name: Wood pellet (Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm)
Main materials: pine& miscellaneous wood mixed
Diameter: 6-8mm
Length: ≤40mm
Net Calorific value(as received basis): Min.3980 Kcal/kg
Unit Volume Mass: Min. 600
Moisture: <10%
Ash content: Max. 3.0%
Sulfur content: Max. 0.05%
Chlorine: Max. 0.05%
Ash Fusion Temperature,IDT Min. 1150°c
Nitrogen content(dry basis): Max. 0.5%
Packing: By ton bag 24 tons/ container 40’HC;
Woven bag 25 kgs ,24 tons/ container 40’HC
No packing 26 tons/ container

Below are wood types available in bulk sales:

  1. Beech firewood
  2. Oak wood pellets
  3. Bamboo wood pellets
  4. Birch wood pellets
  5. Cyprus wood pellets
  6. Mangrove wood pellets
  7. Pine wood pellets
  8. Fir wood pellet
  9. spruce wood pellet

When burning 1 ton of pellets, the same amount of energy is released as when burning:

  • 480 cubic meters meters of gas;
  • 500 liters. diz. fuel;
  • 700 liters. fuel oil.

Wood pellets are much more environmentally friendly than conventional fuel when burning wood pellets:

  • 10-50 times less carbon dioxide emissions;
  • 15-20 times less than ash;
  • virtually no sulfur emissions.

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