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We supply the best quality Dyed, washed, natural, etc Feathers for home and personal decorations. We supply raw natural feathers, Dyed feathers, washed feathers, etc.

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Ostrich Feathers for Sale

Ostrich feathers the biggest and most suffused ostrich plumes. It is also often identified as the ostrich feather itself. It is elegant in appearance and it is located on the bird’s wing.

Buy Ostrich Feathers Specifications:

Material: Organic Material
Type: ostrich feather
Technique: dye colors
Style: natural
Use: Art & Collectible
Theme: Animal
Color: any common color is OK
Quality: high quality
Size: as your request
Brand: Jingfu
Name of a commodity: Ostrich Feather


Although the ostrich plume and drab are different from each other, they both share some common traits.  They can be both sold in different colors according to the needs of crafts enthusiasts and fashion designers.

Feathers can be used interchangeably, meaning that one can pass off for the other; only a discerning eye can catch on the difference.  Plumes also both used for ornamental centerpieces. The plume usually used for highly decorative and romantic centerpieces while the drab used for those that are made on a limited budget.

  1. These feathers were clean, dry and free from blood, skin, and manure.
  2. The treatment of this feathers involves the following steps: washed with detergent in hot water at 100 degrees centigrade For 60 minutes, cleaned in fresh water, dried at 120 degrees centigrade for about 30 minutes, selected, fumigated in Formaldehyde at room temperature for 24 hours. The feathers were not treated by ionizing and ultra-violet rays.
  3. The goods have been inspected and found to be qualified for exporting.


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