Quality Control

GRUPE AFRICA® Quality Control

GRUPE AFRICA ® is consistently anxious to remain refreshed with every one of the cutting edge developments in quality control frameworks to keep up with the norm of the nature of our items that is our organization’s principal ability. We constantly update our creation processes, just as work with numerous wellbeing experts, to guarantee the security of the items. Our pressing stations which are BRC and HACCP affirmed, additionally guarantee productivity using discernibility frameworks which screen our natural substances during the creation stages from the estate of seeds till the shipment and appearance, to ensure an optimal quality. GRUPE AFRICA ® likewise does a severe investigation of its items in its research facility situated in our pressing stations to guarantee their cleanliness and quality are at their apex.

Concerning our ranches which are GLOBALG.A.P confirmed, GRUPE AFRICA ® Group has the most recent harvest assurance innovation introduced which fuses biotechnology items, pesticides, herbicides, composts, bug sprays and fungicides to amplify our accomplices’ government assistance by forestalling any expected infections or bugs that might hurt our immaculate quality.

GRUPE AFRICA ® is committed to encouraging intercommunication and the direction of our representatives. It likewise has water system frameworks carried out for water preservation in endeavor to help the assurance of the climate, just as utilizing manageable horticultural strategies.

Quality Control

The nature of item or administration is guaranteeing if appropriate planning process is followed. This planning system should be upheld by fitting interaction configuration upheld by a reasonable innovation which affirms to necessities of clients. Quality control guarantees that imperfections and mistakes are forestalled lastly eliminated from the interaction or item. Therefore, quality control should include; planning, designing, implementation, gaps identification and improvisation. If organization can implement a stringent quality control than following benefits are possible:

  • Reducing product defects lead to less variable cost associated with labor and material.
  • Reduction in wastage, scrap and pollution.
  • Ability to produce quality products over longer period of time
  • With quality maintenance needs for inspection reduces leading to decrease in maintenance cost
  • Large pool of satisfied customers.
  • Increase in employee motivation and awareness of quality.
  • Increase in productivity and overall efficiency.

Above mentioned points are relevant not only for production stage but are equally important for input material, manufacturing process, delivery process, etc.

Statistical Quality Control

Quality control techniques require extensive usage of statistical methods. The advantages of the statistical analysis are as follows:

  • Factual Tools are robotized and hence, require less manual intercession, driving expense decrease
  • Statistical tools work on a model thus are very useful where testing requires destruction of products.

Statistical Quality tools can broadly be classified into following categories:

  • Acknowledgment inspecting is a significant piece of value control wherein nature of items is surveyed after creation.
  • Statistical process control helps in confirming whether the current process is falling within pre-determined parameters.