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If you are thinking about where to purchase sunflower meal product then, you can get them from Grupe Africa. Sunflower pressed cake, buy online by wholesale low prices in UK, Canada, USA, Germany, price for sunflower pressed cake buy online wholesale.

They provide all these products at wholesale prices. Grupe Africa, the best sunflower meal supplier and manufacturer in South Africa. We do transport to EU (track/ Railway) As well seacontainer possible to worldwide Protein (as is): min. 35 % – Fiber (as is): max. 20% – Fat (as is): max. 1,5% – Moisture: max. 11% In all remaining the technical specifications DSTU standard – 4638:2006


Sunflower Cake

The sunflower meal, obtained after the oil is extracted from the seed, has a high protein percentage (28% for meal from hulled seeds to 42% for dehulled seed meals) and is used primarily in food rations for livestock and poultry. Compared to soybean, sunflower meal contains lower energy and lysine but higher fiber and methionine content. Stock sunflower cake to offer your customers’ animals the best feed possible at great prices.

Variants of sunflower seeds with low oil content (nonoilseed sunflower) are primarily used as a snack food, an ingredient in baked foods, salads, and candies, and for feeding birds and small animal pets. During the last decades a flowering market has grown round these seeds. Buy sunflower seed cake prices in different flavors from wholesalers on

Finally, sunflower hulls present a potential use as litter for livestock or poultry. More so, as a source of roughage in animal feeding. Building or insulation boards and, fireplace logs are other interesting potential applications. Sunflower pressed cake, buy online by wholesale low prices in UK, Canada, USA, Germany, price for sunflower pressed cake buy online wholesale.

Sunflower Cake Specification:

However, the relatively higher price of sunflower oil in respect to other seed oils explains why it is not widely used for industrial purposes. In some eastern European countries the oil also employed by detergent and soap manufacturers. Like other vegetable oils, it has potential value for use in the production of adhesives, agrochemicals, surfactants, additional plastics and plastics additives, fabric softeners, synthetic lubricants, coatings, and other products.

  • Moisture and other volatile substances, % max – 6,7 / 7,8
  • Mass fraction of crude protein, % min – 29,3 / 32,3
  • Mass fraction of crude protein (dry matter), % min – 31,55 / 33,6
  • Mass fraction of crude fiber ,% max – 22,85 / 21,55
  • Mass fraction of crude fats, % – 9,3 / 8,7

Oil Meal for Sale

Sunflower meal is a by-product of processing sunflower seeds in the process of production of sunflower oil. Sunflower meal is different from sunflower cake left over after pressing with a high protein content, which accounts for about 40%, and a lower fat content of up to 2%, so sunflower meal is ideal for preparing protein feed for growing poultry, cattle, rabbits and pigs.

Packing of pellets of meal in bags of 25-50 kg, big-bags 500-1200 kg or containers.


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