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Manufactured from fresh pasteurised skimmed milk. A free owing white, light yellowish free owing powder. A typical clean neutral tasting, slightly sweet with no distinctive o – avours.


Buy Skimmed Milk Powder in Bulk

Buy Skimmed Milk Powder Wholesale competitive prices. Skimmed milk powder is 99% fat free. It is made from the freshest & purest milk. Spray dried, milk powder.  In order to retain our goodwill in this industry, we are providing a latest array of Skimmed Milk Powder.  Production, storage and transportation meets international requirements.

Commercial Information

  • Unit packaging – 25 kg
  • Unit packaging on layer – 5 pcs
  • Unit packaging on palette – 40 pcs/1000kg
  • Minimum order One Truck – 24 tones


Product: Skimmed milk powder ADPI Extra Grade standard *
Taste / Colour : white to pale yellow
powder, with fresh typical smell and taste, no added ingredients
Storage / Shelf life: cool (≤ 25° C) and
dry (≤ 65% rel. humidity), in the original packaging min. 12 months
Packaging: multiply paper bags with
PE-liner 25 kg net; Big Bags have to be made from 100% polypropylene,
either with PE-liner or with an inside coating of PP; bulks must be clean
typical range / limit

Chemical Analysis:

Fat ( % ) ≤ 1,5
Moisture ( % ) ≤ 4,5 ≤ 5,0
Titratable acidity (% ) ≤ 0,17
Solubility Index ( ml ) ≤ 2,0 max. C (22,5 mg)
Disc max. B (15,0 mg)
Inhibitors ** negative

Bacteriological Analysis:

TPC/g ≤ 50.000
Coliforms/0,1 g negative
Salmonella/ 250g negative
** Product must be certified as Chloramphenicol negative!

We can offer the client a special package, as well as product branding. All export process is fully debugged by us. The price of milk powder is one of the best in Turkey.

We offer to buy milk powder of the following types:

Whole milk powder (26%)
Skimmed milk powder (1.5%)

Information for buying powdered milk: Scope of milk powder: baby food, confectionery production and baking, production of meat products, dairy products and other meal products. Buy Skimmed Milk Powder Wholesale.

Shelf life: whole to 8 months, skimmed to 3 years.


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